Wednesday, July 5, 2017

It's time for another session of talking trash about my trash, friends! This post is smaller than my normal empties post because I only waited two months to write this as opposed to four months, which is much more enjoyable in my humble opinion. I usually dread putting together the longer posts, so here we are with a nice short and sweet one.

Let's get into it!

Josie Maran, Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter in 'Vanilla Apricot' = $35.00
Never have I ever found a body butter, or lotion for that matter, do wonders for my skin like this baby. I have dry skin on my body, especially my legs, and this is a godsend. I can't say enough good things about it. The scents offered smell amazing too! This was my second container of this and I was sad to see it go, but don't you worry because I already picked up another one. I purchased the 'Juicy Mango' one this time, and it is just as amazing. I will always repurchase.

Clinique, Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel = $27.00
This is my third time finishing up one of these babies, so you can kind of tell how I feel about it. It's awesome if you are an oily skinned gal like myself! It's so lightweight and cool to the touch, which is just what I need to wake me up in the morning! I also love that you can purchase so many different sizes of this, this one being the biggest. I will eventually repurchase, but I have a few moisturizers I have to use up first, and I also want to try out a few.

Biore, Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips = $5.99
I don't believe that pore strips are 100% effective because it's only natural for your pores to reproduce more sebum, but they sure are fun! It's oddly satisfying to see what pore strips pull out. I normally love the regular non-charcoal pore strips that Biore offers, however these were different. The charcoal strips tore and left a lot of residue on my nose after peeling off. I had to rewash my face to remove it. I will not repurchase this, but I always repurchase the regular ones.

Tarte, Frxxxtion Stick Exfoliating Cleanser = $22.00
This is the second one I have used up. I love this! It's so innovative because you can use it as a quick cleanser, or a mask. Also, it's not harsh on your skin because of how tiny the exfoliating beads are. I really enjoyed this while I had it, my only con of this would be that I use it up so quickly. I will repurchase after I use up some of my other exfoliators.

Too Faced, Perfect Lips Liner in 'Perfect Nude' = $17.00
This is the second time I have used this up. I never hear anyone talk about these liners from Too Faced, but the shade 'Perfect Nude' goes with 80% of the lippies I own! I believe this is going to be discontinued because I can't find it on Sephora's website and because it is discounted on Too Faced's site. I have a lot of liners I need to use up, but if by some chance it is still available when I need to purchase a new liner, I will grab it again!

Sunday Riley, Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream = $65.00
Please note that this size is not $65.00. This was a deluxe sample size that I got in one of their Christmas sets as a gift. The full size is priced at $65.00. I really love the earthy scents that Sunday Riley has in their products. This was a really nice moisturizer, but I don't think I will repurchase the full size. There are many other moisturizers that I have that I need to use up. I may repurchase if it's in another deluxe set with my holy grail, Good Genes.

Sunday Riley, Luna Sleeping Night Oil = $55.00
Please note that this size is not $55.00. This was a deluxe sample size that I got in one of their Christmas sets as a gift. The full size is priced at $55.00. The hype was real around this baby for a while, but it fell short to my expectations. Sure it made my skin feel nice, but as do a lot of the other oils I have tried. I don't see myself purchasing the full size.

And that's a wrap! I hope this was useful to you in some way, and if you ever have any other questions about the products mentioned, please feel free to reach out to me!

Thank you for reading!

- Christina

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