Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Oh gosh, let me first start out by saying that I love foundation, and I live for testing new ones. Let's be real, I love all makeup, however foundation holds a special place in my heart. As someone who has had very problematic skin since 6th grade, my skin is a sensitive subject for me, so I like foundations that make me feel confident to the point where I don't have to worry about how it has held up throughout the day. The Too Faced Born This Way Foundation does exactly this.

The Too Faced Born This Way Foundation is an oil-free liquid foundation that provides a natural finish for a variety of skin types and skin tones. With eighteen shades available, you most definitely have the opportunity to "masterfully diffuse the line between makeup and skin. All that is left is naturally radiant skin that looks like you were Born This Way" (Too Faced Website).

The Born This Way line actually stems from a scene in one of my favorite movies, Bridesmaids. Kristin Wiig's character, Annie, has a sleepover with her hookup buddy. In the morning, she goes into the bathroom and freshens up only to lay back into bed, pretend to sleep, and act like she she is naturally "born this way".

I use the shade 'Vanilla'. It is definitely more on the warmer side, but it matches very well with my skin tone. As you can see from the photo above, it blends out nicely.

Here is the foundation swatch compared two of my other foundations!

I usually apply this foundation with my It For Ulta, Love Beauty Fully Buffing Mineral Powder Brush #206 and it does a great job of blending and making the foundation appear not cakey, which is a must for me.

The consistency of the foundation is thick at first, but once applied to the skin, it blends effortlessly. I can get a solid 8+ hours wear out of this, which is why I know I can always rely on it. It leaves a natural satin finish.

You will be seeing it in my empties soon because I have about one use left out of it. That's how much I love it. As an avid makeup junkie, it's very rare that I finish up a foundation.

In conclusion, I love this foundation and I highly recommend you try it out for yourself if you haven't yet! I can always rely on it for special occasions and for when I know I need to keep my foundation looking 100% all day long. The natural finish truly makes you believe you were "born this way".

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