Thursday, January 12, 2017

Let me first start off by saying a few things.. The first one being, Happy New Year! Let's hope that 2017 is the best! Next, the holiday season is not about gift giving, it's about being able to spend time with your loved ones, but getting nice and thoughtful gifts is an awesome perk too!

I was most definitely spoiled this Christmas when it comes to beauty products, and I couldn't be happier! If you read my last post, you have an idea of what was on my wishlist, and I am super thrilled to say that I was blessed to receive everything on my list plus some! 

So let's talk about what I got!

I have been eyeing this beauty forever, but I consider myself to be a "brand snob", and it takes me a little bit to completely accept a new brand. This is something I am working on in 2017. My goal is to be a little more open minded. Because I wasn't so open minded at the time, I wanted my sister to be the guinea pig, so I bought it for her as her Christmas gift, haha! Funny thing is, she bought it for me too! I am genuinely loving this palette and am severely impressed with the quality. I still am playing around with it to create different looks, but I highly recommend trying it out if you were on the fence! The hype is real my friends.

This set comes with all the products I wanted to try from Sunday Riley, and I am loving it. The scent of these are very natural and earthy. It may be unappealing to some, but I am loving it because it feels so clean and good for the skin! I can already tell that Good Genes is going to be a favorites of mine.

You can't deny the beauty of this palette because the packaging, the shades, and the layout are all so gorgeous! Really glad I have this in my collection because it's so versatile and great for travel. I heard some people voice their concerns about having a cream next to the powders. The cream doesn't dry out due to the packaging of the product. It closes securely, which is nice!

This is another palette form Tarte that is just breathtaking. I don't have Vol. I, but I feel like this one suits me better because of the large variety of shades, and they are just gorgeous! I recommend it!

Where do I begin? These shadows are beautiful, and when applied to the eyes, they give the most ethereal glow. That's the only way I can describe them. The size of it awesome, because it's a lot bigger than I expected. These babies will last your forever. I highly recommend you look into this palette.

I have been liking this a lot! I still have yet to experiment using this with different foundations, but I am enjoying it so far!

First thing that I have to say about this is what I was using it. I had no idea what consistency to expect, so I was surprised to find it to feel really interesting when applying it to my face. It seems to be a silicone/gel based hybrid, but it feels really nice. I do notice that it has kept my foundation on longer, but as mentioned before, I will have to test it with other foundations to really get a better opinion.

And with all of that being said, that rounds up the beauty products I got for Christmas! I also got some gift cards to Sephora and Ulta, so if you want to see what I got with those, please comment below!

As always, thank you for reading!

- Christina

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