Wednesday, November 9, 2016

For my second blog post, I figured it would be cool to share an overview of my vanity. I got the vanity of my dreams this past Valentine's Day as a gift from my longtime boyfriend, Matt. He's a keeper! For months, I envisioned and researched what my ideal vanity would look like, and was beyond happy when it all came together.

The above pictures were some different ways I had my vanity set up prior to my dream vanity. You can see that clutter was a huge theme here. I have either sold, thrown out, or given away most of these products. Yay or decluttering!

The desk portion was actually the desk that came with my bedroom set from when I was in middle school. They no longer make the desk, but if you look up "cottage retreat kids set" you can find the other pieces. The light up mirror is the Conair Fluorescent Lighted Mirror, which I purchased from Harmon's Face Value. The acrylic cases were purchased from Muji. The colorful paisley dividers were purchased at Home Goods years ago, so I wasn't able to find anything online. The white storage drawers on the bottom right were purchased from Walmart.

The vanity mirror I decided to purchase is the Hollywood Glow Pro Vanity Mirror from Impressions Vanity. I was debating between purchasing from Impressions or Vanity Girl Hollywood, and came to my choosing because Impressions Vanity has really good sales pretty much every holiday and was able to get a good percentage off for Valentine's Day, and I liked the cleaner and modern look their mirrors offered.

You can obviously see that this mirror is huge, and about the size of my old desk. I was afraid it would fall over! During this time, I was waiting for new vanity pieces to arrive, so I had to make due with what I had.

My specific mirror comes with a dimmable light switch and an on/off switch. I purchased warm bulbs for some unknown reason, and will be purchasing the bright whites ext time. The mirror also comes with an outlet on the mirror itself, which I love using to charge my iPad. The platform of the mirror is oval, so the mirror does not touch the wall. I use the "behind the scenes" space for storing my cleaning wipes.

The desk portion of the vanity is from Ikea, but I'm pretty sure you already knew that. I wanted a clean look, and I think these pieces accomplish that. The table top is the Linnmon 59 x 29 1/2 and the drawers are the Alex drawers. I was dreading setting these up, but I watched a youtube video that made it super easy. My chair is from Big Lots that I purchased a few years ago. Unfortunately, I am unable to find any link.

My brush holders are actually handmade. The circular ones are recycled Bath and Body Works candles, and the square ones were purchased from Michaels Craft Store. I added glitter and sebra duct tape to spice them up a bit!

My Ariel placemat is from the Disney Store, which I bought a few years ago. The black plastic tray is from Michaels, which I use to place my "everyday tools".

I store my morning skincare products on this tiered rack I purchased from Icing, once again, years ago. Didn't realize how many things I actually kept until writing this!

This orchard decoration is from Target, way back when.

For drawer organization, I decided to purchase the trays pictured above. They were from Walmart and super inexpensive. I would have loved to purchased acrylic organizers to fit into these drawers, but they were pretty costly. Plus, I like how these wound up looking, and they fit perfectly!

I did keep some of my byAlegory acrylic organizers for my lippies. I do love these because they can be beautifully displayed or easily stored.

And that's a wrap! As mentioned before, I am super thrilled about this setup because I can keep everything really organized, while having it look nice and clutter-free!

I hope you enjoyed, and as always, thanks for reading! If you have any questions, just leave a comment and I'll answer ASAP!

Have a good day!

- Christina

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