Monday, September 10, 2018

I personally love reading posts regarding what didn't work for people, or why they won't be buying certain items, so I figured I'd hope back onto my blog and share the items I have returned (what i can remember, lol) within the last few years! Some of these were returned because of product quality, and some of these were returned because of my own personal preference, such as product consistency, shade range, etc. If these products work for you, please don't take offense to this post- In fact, please let me know! It would warm my cold dead heart to know they work well for other people!

This year, I made a goal for myself to be more mindful when purchasing beauty products. There is now a voice in my head that says "Christina, you have 3 shampoos at home, you don't need another one, especially considering you don't shower enough". Also, when purchasing items, I try to do more research before purchasing, but sometimes that doesn't guarantee I will like a product. With that being said, if I don't like the product, why should I keep it in my collection? I should return right away if I know I don't love it.

Let's get into it!

The first item we're going to talk about today is the Pat McGrath MTHRSHP Subliminal Platinum Bronze Eyeshadow Palette. Ever since the brand came out, all I have heard was great things about the quality of the products. Nothing from the brand really stood out to me until I saw this palette, which is a "mini" version of the Mothership | Eyeshadow Palette in Subliminal. I was drawn to palette because of the neutral tones, but I was most excited about the purple shade. I waited until the Spring 2018 sale at Sephora to snag, but I still wound up feeling that I paid too much. The purple shade, 'Ritualistic', is described as a "metallic mauve brown", but in the pan, it looks purple. When applying to my eyes, it found it didn't blend as a $55 eyeshadow palette should. It was muddy and not up to par as my less expensive shadows, which is why I would up returning. The other shadows were nice, but I had many others like them in my collection and couldn't justify keeping this palette just for them. Even though my first experience with Pat McGrath Labs wasn't so great, the beauty connoisseur in me won't let that stop me from continuing to try the brand. I have my eye on those beautiful lipsticks and will hopefully pick one up during the next sale!

The Weleda Skin Food Cream was a product I heard about from the lovely ladies of Fat Mascara. This product was featured on one of their episodes as a product they were raising a wand to, so I needed it! I picked it up at Target, got in my car, and immediately applied to to my skin. It moisturized very well, but there was one major problem..The smell! I consider myself pretty tolerable with scents, but I don't know what is happening lately, because ever since I turned 25, I am learning I have to be really careful. This scent was so strong- earthy and floral that didn't agree with me at all,so much so that I returned it the same day. If you aren't sensitive to scents, I would give this a try as it was very soothing on the skin.

Here's another one recommended to me by Fat Mascara- The Kristin Ess Signature Hair Water. It's pretty much a hair refresher, and for a pretty good price at Target, only $10, but the good price wasn't enough for me to keep because once again.. The smell was the worst! There are many other complaints online regarding the smell, but silly me ignored those. It's very very perfumey. The kind the give you a nauseating knot in your stomach. The scent lingers in your hair too, so you can't escape it! I had a few people at work smell it just to make sure I wasn't crazy and overreacting. One of them said it smelt like the salon and she liked it. Another one agreed with me, so that was enough to make me return. As far as the formula goes, my hair did feel refreshed, more voluminous, and more manageable, but it was overpowered by the scent.

The Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Eye Cream was one I picked up at a Cosmetics Company Outlet store. This was way way too thick of an eye cream for my preference. I prefer creams that easily glide under the eye. With this one, I felt like I was pulling and tugging the product into my skin, which kind of defeats the purpose. It was just way too thick for comfort. Not sure if it is still formulated like this as this was over two years ago, but I don't have an interest in trying it again. I exchanged the next day for a bunch of Mac Wipes!

If you're a Youtube junkie, like myself, you know that the L'Oreal Pro-Matte Foundation was a favorite amongst most beauty gurus.I have oily skin, so I knew I needed to try this. I don't remember what shade I purchased, but I do know that it oxidized on my skin like crazy, and it splotchy patches. It's insane cause I feel like I'm the only one who didn't love this foundation. A few years went by and I decided to give it another go because people were still talking about, and guess what- Same exact thing! I was at work and I was so embarrassed because it looked like an absolute mess. I know now that me and this foundation do not work well together. I use the Pro-Glow instead!

And that's about all I can remember! If you are a fellow blogger friend, I encourage you to post your makeup returns! If you are a reader, please share your returns with me too, as I would love to hear from you! Also, once again, please don't take offense if you are one are associated with one of these brands or if like any of these! 


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