Thursday, March 15, 2018

So my goal for 2018 was to have at least three posts per month on this blog, and I failed miserably so far.. Yikes. Now that February is over and I feel super refreshed from my trip to Punta Cana, I feel motivated to put out much more content on here, so you should hopefully be hearing from me more often!

To start off the month right, we have another empties post! Let's just dive right in, shall we?

These were kind of pricey for make-up wipes, but I needed to give them a try due to my undying love of the Purity face wash. Unfortunately, these didn't hold a flame to my pride and joy of a face wash, and to other wipes I have tried in the past. They did what they were supposed to, but I will not be repurchasing.

This was as semi-empty because I hit pan on it, and then it crumbled and I was so heart broken! This was a really nice product, and did what it was supposed to! I could definitely see myself repurchasing, but not anytime soon because I want to finish some of my other ones first!

L'Oreal, Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm = $5.99
This was my second container of this, so I'm sure you already know if I'll repurchase it again! This is a great affordable hair mask that works wonders if your hair is in need of some therapy. I use it in the shower after conditioner and leave it for about five minutes before washing it out. I will repurchase again!

I was disappointed in the amount of product in this mask, considering it looks like it would hold a lot, but nope! The packaging is gorgeous, which drew me in, because I'm a loser. The pink side was my preferred of the two, and I used it up quickly. Also, it started to dry up towards the end, preventing me to use all of the product in the corners of the container, which kind of sucked. The gold side was very gimmicky in my opinion. It did sting a little bit after application, but I don't think it benefited in any short-term or long-term results for my skin. It was also kind of annoying and difficult to take off. I will not be repurchasing, especially at that price!

This facial spray blew up after Jaclyn Hill mentioned it in one of her videos, and of course, I needed to try it! I adore the way this leaves me skin after I do my skincare and my makeup. It's a beautiful product with amazing packaging. The price tag made me hesitant on repurchasing, but you can usually find it in one of their skincare sets, which is what I did so I did repurchase!

I wanted to get this because everyone raved about, but I should have know this wasn't the product for me! This product is marketed as a texturizing spray, and I think it would work best for people who have shorter, styled hair. I have long and heavy hair, so my hair weighs everything down- even curls! This became more of a dry shampoo to me that wasn't worth the price tag in my opinion! Thankfully I got the travel size! I will not be repurchasing!

Pur, Joystick Exfoliating Deep-Pore Cleanser = $26.00
This was the second solid exfoliating stick I have tried, the first one being the Tarte Frxxxtion Stick Exfoliating Cleanser, which retails for $22.00, so it's cheaper. Much like the Tarte one, this one was finished rather quickly, and not worth the price tag for the amount you're getting in my opinion. If this was about $10 cheaper, I would definitely repurchase. Since it's not, I will most likely purchase the Tarte one over this one.

And the grand total is 160.99 worth of empties!

I hope you enjoyed reading about these empties! I would love to read some of your empties! Please let me know in the comments below!


  1. I love the mini reviews that come with an empties post so thank you, Christina! I wanted to try the Tatcha mist but gosh, it's pricey for what it is so I haven't buy it until now. LOL!

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

    1. Thank you! I am glad you like the, Shireen! <3


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